PETG neon green 750g 1.75mm Arianeplast

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Arianeplast fluorescent green PETG filament, PETG is a good alternative to ABS filament.

The PETG filament is 90% translucent, which allows a certain transparency.

The PETG filament is very impact resistant, it is waterproof and does not emit odor when printing.

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This fluorescent green PETG filament is packaged in a 750g reel, it requires a heating plate around 90 ° C.

3D PETG filament, also called T-Glass (Tough Glass), is a filament with many interesting characteristics in terms of translucency and resistance.

This is made from the material of PETG (Glycolized Polyethylene Terephthalate) which is a derivative of PET used in particular in the manufacture of water bottles, containers for washing up liquid, etc ...

Technical characteristics of the fluorescent green PETG filament 750g 1.75mm Arianeplast:

• Wire diameter: 1.75 mm

• Weight: 750 g

• Color: Neon green

• Material: PETG

• Heating temperature: 220 ° / 250 ° C

• Diameter tolerance: ± 0.05 mm

• Melting temperature: Stable

• Regularity of wire diameter: Good

FF 920610

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