ProType 3D : sale of PLA, ABS filaments, spare parts for 3D printers and 3D printing on demand, prototyping in 3D filament or SLA resin.

ProType3d is your specialist in the field of 3D printing for individuals, professionals, education and administrations.

PLA, ABS filaments in 1kg reel or by the meter

We offer a wide range of 3D filaments from the ESUN brand. You will be able to find 3D filament of diameter 1.75mm essentially. The packaging is generally in a reel of 1Kg or 500gr. ESUN filament spools are vacuum packed with an anti-humidity bag.

You will also find coils of 3D filaments made in France, of ArianePlast brand, high quality ABS or PLA French filament with a very nice color finish and printing of your parts.

For all orders of 3mm filaments contact us directly.

Our filament spools for 3D printing

Spare parts for 3D printers and any other project

You can find a wide range of spare parts on protype3d to troubleshoot your 3D printers, develop or improve your machine. Our range of spare parts for 3D printers can also meet your expectations for the development of a plotter or a CNC. A wide range of fans, extruders, nozzles in brass or stainless steel and much more are available. You will be able to find there our whole range of electronic components, control cards (arduino, RAMPS, MKS ...) as well as our range of sensors such as the BLTOUCH.

Our spare parts

Printers 3D

Our range of 3D printers can meet your expectations. From beginners with our entry-level printer (ANET A8) to experienced users with our high-end 3D printer (frenchDICE 3d printer Made in France). The B-VELTA will be a perfect in between to improve the quality and speed of your 3D prints.

Our 3D printers

3D printing on demand and prototyping

We are equipped with a panel of 3D printers with 3D filament deposit that can meet all your expectations for the realization of 3D prototypes at reduced cost as well as a 3D resin printer to allow you to validate the accuracy of the dimensional d a part with high 3D printing precision.

We also provide you with our knowledge of 3D modeling / 3D design. We work together to design the desired 3D prototype from idea to object. Thanks to our know-how, we can guide you on the search for technical solutions to realize your project.

Print on demand

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