Tronxy CXY-V.2 Card
  • Tronxy CXY-V.2 Card
  • Tronxy CXY-V.2 Card
  • Tronxy CXY-V.2 Card

Tronxy CXY-V.2 Card

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The Tronxy CXY-V.2 is the motherboard for the Tronxy X5S 3D printer.

This Tronxy CXY-V.2 electronic card already contains firmware, and does not require the purchase of A4988 drivers because they are already soldered on it.

The Tronxy CXY-V.2 motherboard can control 5 motors and 1 extruder.

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The Tronxy CXY-V.2 card has many positive points:

- more stable electronic card performance thanks to optimized layout routing
- use of high performance and low resistance Mos tube for better conduct and heat dissipation
- original ST power chip, for better support of 12V - 24V power supply
- it is compatible with the control panels of ramps 1.4 including the 128 * 64 graphic LCD screen.

Characteristics of the Tronxy CXY-V.2 card:

• Input voltage: 12 - 24 V

• Compatible: Tronxy X5S 3D printer

• Drivers: A4988

• Number of motor ports: 5

• Number of extruder ports: 1

• Number of LCD connection: 1

• Computer connection: USB type: B

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