Visière de protection
  • Visière de protection
  • Visière de protection

face shield

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Protective visor against direct splashes.

(postillons, droplets, splashes ...)

Available as a KIT or mounted, assembly instructions for the kit at the bottom of this page


This visor is a complementary barrier to masks.

It cannot replace a mask (surgical, FFP2 or FFP3).

PLEASE NOTE: for safety and hygiene reasons, before wearing this protection, it must be disinfected with hydroalcoholic gel, disinfectant wipes or left to soak in a mixture of water + bleach for at least 10 minutes and let it dry well.

The materials used for the 3D printing of the visors are PLA, ABS or PETG depending on our stocks.

the visor is a rhodoid sheet that you can easily change using rilsans, you can also easily cut it according to its use with simple scissors if necessary (lower angles not cut).

the visor is held in place by two 120mm elastic bands which provide sufficient tightening without causing bad sensations after several hours of use for a standard head measurement.

This protective visor has not been approved by any health service. We decline all responsibilities in the event of the development of a disease.

It is nevertheless used in several hospitals currently with regular disinfection frequencies.

Characteristics of the protective visor:

• Comfort: Light, flexible headband that hugs the forehead perfectly

• Bow material: PLA, ABS, PETG

• Visor thickness: 180 micron

• Elastics: 2 * 120mm

• Head circumference: compatible from 53 - 60cm around head circumference



Visor mounting instructions

explanatory instructions for mounting the visor

Download (778.61k)

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