DyzeDesign filament detector
  • DyzeDesign filament detector
  • DyzeDesign filament detector
  • DyzeDesign filament detector

DyzeDesign filament detector

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The SENTINEL filament detector from DyzeDesign is a 3D printer filament detector and cleaner, it works with an LCD screen.

The End of Filament Detector allows you to detect when you have no more filament during your 3D printing, which avoids missing prints.

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This end of filament detector is mounted on any type of 3D printer accepting a 1.75mm diameter 3D filament.

To use it, you must modify the marlin, which allows you to change the 3D filament and use falling filaments without fear of losing all the printing, because this one, thanks to the SENTINEL filament detector is paused .
Filament diameter 3D.jpg

3D filament size:

The Sentinel filament detector is compatible for 1.75mm filaments.

Compatible with any 3D filament:

It is compatible with all 3D filaments, PLA, ABS, PETG, Flexible or others
Filament detector connection.jpg Daisy chain connection:

The Filament Sentinel can manage as many filaments simultaneously. As soon as one of them is missing, the Sentinel will send a message to the next, up to your main card.

Filament cleaner:

Dust-proof foam allows no intruders or dust to enter the system via the 3D filament

Pause 3D printing:

Once the filament spool is empty, printing pauses via the Sentine filament detector.

Easy installation:

Follow our support for the installation of the Sentinel end of filament detector
easy mounting of the end of fila detector


2 screws are provided for mounting your Sentinel filament

Features of the DyzeDesign filament detector:

• Voltage: 5 V
• Current: 31 mA

• 3D filament: 1.75mm

• Operating temperature: 0 to 70 ° C

FF 2059

Data sheet

Diamètre de filament compatible
Détecteur de filament


Support détecteur de filament

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