PLA Silk 1.75mm blue 1kg

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The esun PLA eSilk filament is a normal PLA with an addition of silk to have a brighter final appearance, it is also more resistant than the classic PLa and is easily painted.

The final rendering of the pla slik having a sharper and silky appearance allows it to be used for final decorative and artistic pieces.

The PLA esilk esun filament comes from corn starch, so it is biodegradable, it is natural and not harmful

PLA silk wire at an extrusion temperature between 190 and 220 ° C, so it can be used with 3D printers with melted filament deposition (FFF) and 3D pens.

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For better adhesion of your PLA slik filament on the heating plate or glass plate, we recommend using dimafix.

Features of the PLA Silk 1.75mm blue 1kg:

• Wire diameter: 1.75 mm

• Weight: 1 Kg

• Color: Blue

• Material: PLA eslik

• Minimum extrusion temperature: 190 ° / 200 ° C

• Diameter tolerance: ± 0.05 mm

• Density: 1.25 g / cm³

• Melting temperature: Stable

• Regularity of wire diameter: Good

FF 920203-1

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