Plaque de verre borosilicate
  • Plaque de verre borosilicate
  • Plaque de verre borosilicate

204 * 204 * 4mm borosilicate glass plate

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Borosilicate glass plate, ideal for your 3D printers, compared to classic glass plates, it is much more resistant.

Real glass plates, they will not break after several 3D prints.

204 * 204 * 4mm size borosilicate glass plate.

Order your custom borosilicate glass plates, contact us for more information.

Shipped within 24 hours


After several tests on our part, the borosilicate glass plate withstands temperatures without problems and there are no more problems with glass tips peeling off on the printed parts.

(BE CAREFUL about the use of the products. If DIMAFIX is used, it should be noted that some plates have suffered glass detachment)

Features of borosilicate glass plate:

• Dimensions: 204 * 204 * 4 mm

• Material: Glass

• Finish: raw

FF 9334-1

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