Endstop mechanical limit switch

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Endstop limit switch with control LED and 70 cm cable, the endstop is a small switch which allows you to adjust the end of travel of the axes of your 3d printer.

For the proper functioning of your 3D printer, you generally need 3 endstops limit switches for each axis, X, Y, Z.

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For the Z axis the Endstop limit switch or switch can be replaced by an inductive sensor, capacitive sensor or a bLtouch.

The mechanical limit switch uses a lever switch to detect when it is activated.

Characteristics of the limit switch endstop:

• Cables: 3 pins length 70 cm

• Wire: 22 AWG copper

• Input voltage: 5 V

• Compatible: Ramps 1.4, mks gen 1.4 ....

• Detection: control lever and active LED on contact

FF 6801

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