Capacitive sensor CM18-3008NA

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The capacitive sensor CM18-3008NA is used for the auto-leveling of your 3D printers, it replaces the endstop which allows you to save time in adjustment during your 3D printing.

The capacitive sensor is a sensor for detecting all metals, unlike the inductive sensor, so there is no detection problem.

This capacitive sensor CM18-3008NA is compatible with alfawise 3D printers

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Whether it is the capacitive sensor or inductive sensor, they can be replaced with a bltouch which is more precise and repeatable.

Characteristics of capacitive sensor CM18-3008NA:

• Reference: CM18-3008NA

• Voltage: 10-30 V DC

• Output current: 300 mA

• Polarity: NPN

• Number of thread: 3

• Detection distance: 1-8 mm

• Head diameter: 18 mm

• Output: normally open (NO)

• Cable length: 1.4 m

FF 6813-1

Data sheet

Capteur capacitif

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